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Black & White Chess Magazine came into being on a magical winter evening.
The world pivots on patterns of black and white, good and evil, night and day, yin and yang, chaos and order, solitude and communion. 
These are not opposing forces but polarities that would cease to exist by themselves. The struggle is not to overcome but to keep time. The idea is not to overwhelm but to synergise. The strife is not to win but to fit like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The moment of magic to be prolonged as much. And, Chess is a motif for all of that 'Everything'.
We are not just a news chess magazine. Black & White chess magazine focuses not as much on the professional aspect of chess as its artistic and creative aspect. In special training sessions we also teach life skills through chess.

Chess is a dance. A delicate flowing composition that two 'gods' dance together. One of them fumbles, trips... the music stops.
Will You Dance With Us ?

Black & White Chess Magazine is published by Shilpa Mehra and edited by Dr. Junaid Ahmad for the Aspire World Foundation registered in India. Aspire Welfare Society is a non-profit organisation working for a better understanding of cultural relativism through sports. We also support several other indoor games likes bridge and carrom. Our patrons include Amal Kumar Verma (IAS-Retd) India, Suman Mehra India, Chess Painter and propounder of retroshah theory Nicolas Sphicas Greece and Dr. Asar Khan, India. We owe special thanks to GM Grivas Efstratios, Fide instructor Santanu Lahiri and Dr. Amita E. David, India.

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